Kennebunk Beach

On Saturday we went up to Maine for the day. It was a beautiful Winter day. It just warm enough so that wind coming off the water wasn’t bitter. The dogs played while we walked down the beach. I brought my Nikon D7100 along and was able to get some awesome pictures. I wanted toContinue reading “Kennebunk Beach”

After the Fall

  The gravel crunched under his feet as he made his way up the path. He had ridden up from the capital, but had taken a quiet path up to the castle. He wasn’t sure if he was being followed, and he needed to make sure he shook them before he got there. There hadContinue reading “After the Fall”

New Updates

Hey Folks. Hope that everyone is having an incredible Summer. I wanted to thank everyone for their continued readership. You guys are the best! You  encourage me to continue my dream of becoming a writer. This week I made a huge leap and published a Facebook page Colleen Ann Freelance. I am using this pageContinue reading “New Updates”