Overcoming Chaos

To say this weekend has been rough is an understatement. My instinct is to keep things private. To discuss things is to let that wall down. To let people in is to show weakness. It goes against everything that has been bred into me since childhood. Yet sharing can be cathartic, and helps us grow.  Continue reading “Overcoming Chaos”

Waves at Wallis

Today was a rough Monday. I felt tired, and stretched out, and couldn’t really settle. My mood was volatile, and I did only did the least expected of me. My daily life has been boring as of late. Right now, what is getting me through is the thoughts of tomorrow. The trips we are planningContinue reading “Waves at Wallis”

Me First.

 In my last post I wrote about my past, and its challenges. I wanted to follow up by writing about my plan of action. One part of my plan is a deeper focus on self care. We live in a face paced world, and often put our needs last.  Taking care of ourselves is importantContinue reading “Me First.”

Bolton Valley

I had never heard of Bolton Valley. I was sick Friday with the stomach flu, when my husband approached me. He quietly asked me if I had any interest in skiing on Sunday. I mumbled a yes before rolling over to sleep. Saturday I was feeling better and had doubts about the trip. It wasContinue reading “Bolton Valley”

Lessons on Winter

Its been a cold week here in New Hampshire. Our Winter as a whole has been warm, with little snow. Yet last week the season made its hard entrance. Temperatures plummeted, before quietly sliding into the negatives. The sun went down, and it became dangerously cold. As the darkness settled down around us, the windContinue reading “Lessons on Winter”

Leaping Forwards

Happy to finally be back here, and to be writing. It has been a very exciting few weeks for me, but I have missed this. I have been very blessed lately, but life is not complete without my writing. I missed the magic of working with words, and the interactions with all of you. MidContinue reading “Leaping Forwards”

Gentle Process of Writing.

So here we are again, as I write this I find that the month of January is flying by. Today is the first day I have been able to sit down and relax. A light storm hit us in New Hampshire, and I made hats as the snowflakes fell. We still have not received anyContinue reading “Gentle Process of Writing.”

Bumping Chairs

With the weather this weekend, I didn’t get an opportunity to take out my Nikon D7100. The downside to this time of year is the short days. I work a regular 9-5, so my photography opportunities are constricted to weekends. I love the winter, but excited for the longer days. Now that we are inContinue reading “Bumping Chairs”

Ski Bum Saturdays

Here in Southern NH we have been finally blessed with snow. Tuesday afternoon, a sloppy storm came through and offered up a couple inches, which finally allowed our mountains to open up. It has been a hard December for the ski industry, and it is great that they will finally have an chance to openContinue reading “Ski Bum Saturdays”

Grey Skies of November

The air has a bite to it tonight. The skies are dark as we prepare for rain coming in from the west. As I make my way out from work, my mind drifts to the changing seasons. I have always found the cold air against my skin refreshing. The landscape has changed so much withinContinue reading “Grey Skies of November”