By the Lakeside

I had the joy of hiking up to Lonesome Lake in Franconia Notch this weekend. It was an incredible day, and I took some amazing pictures. Winter is nice because it is quiet, and it many ways you get to enjoy nature in more of an organic way. You all seem to enjoy my picturesContinue reading “By the Lakeside”

White Mountain River Diaries

On Friday, I traveled up to the White Mountains. This region of New Hampshire is known worldwide for its beautiful views, small towns, and foliage. Growing up in the state, I have a intimate connection with the region. Its a place where I have spent many of my Summers. I love those sweeping mountains views,Continue reading “White Mountain River Diaries”

New Hampshire Road Notes

One of the best aspects of New Hampshire is its size.  Today I headed out, and was able to take photos in two of our major regions. I first stopped in the lakes region. It was still fairly early, and there was plenty of room at the town pier. The weather was beautiful and IContinue reading “New Hampshire Road Notes”

History in the Shadow of Mount Washington

It was too busy in Franconia. As we walked along the paths all I could hear was the barking of dogs. That and the yelps and cries of those who had lost their balance on the ice. It was a beautiful day and people were streaming North. Its the way of the Spring up here.Continue reading “History in the Shadow of Mount Washington”

White Mountain Winter

“Aren’t you sick of all this snow?” The girl at the bank asked “no, not really” I said smiling. The girl looked at me strangely before changing the subject. I’m used to it. I’m one of the few people that loves when we get three snowstorms in a row. Winter can be absolutely beautiful timeContinue reading “White Mountain Winter”