Less is More

I have been doing a lot of thinking. I am nearing thirty, and feel the pressure of another milestone birthday creeping closer. Choices need to made about how to spend the rest of my life.One thing that I have been thinking about the type of life that I want to lead. The last few years,Continue reading “Less is More”

By the Lakeside

I had the joy of hiking up to Lonesome Lake in Franconia Notch this weekend. It was an incredible day, and I took some amazing pictures. Winter is nice because it is quiet, and it many ways you get to enjoy nature in more of an organic way. You all seem to enjoy my picturesContinue reading “By the Lakeside”

A Day at the Reservoir

It was a quiet Labor day here in Southern NH. After a failed trip up to Tripoli Road, we decided we would stay home and relax. Camping had been a great idea, the only problem was that everyone goes camping holiday weekends. We got up and settled into a beautiful campsite. There is something incredibleContinue reading “A Day at the Reservoir”

History in the Shadow of Mount Washington

It was too busy in Franconia. As we walked along the paths all I could hear was the barking of dogs. That and the yelps and cries of those who had lost their balance on the ice. It was a beautiful day and people were streaming North. Its the way of the Spring up here.Continue reading “History in the Shadow of Mount Washington”

The Outdoors and Life Musings

I was created to roam in wild open places.  As I grow older I find that my patience for staying inside all day grows thin. I cannot bear the thought of spending my life being walled in. I think that’s why I love these places. Being in New Hampshire puts life into perspective.  I wasContinue reading “The Outdoors and Life Musings”

Basin Ramblings

Last weekend my boyfriend and I ended up meandering up North. We stopped in Lincoln briefly before hitting 93 North again, headed towards Franconia Notch. I have always found it funny how people view northern New Hampshire. So many people “From Away” come to Lincoln. For many more their journeys ends there in what theyContinue reading “Basin Ramblings”