Meetinghouse Night

The dirt drive leads as it always has to The Meetinghouse. Many years ago the townsfolk took the building and swiveled it using man power and teams of oxen. While it has been turned, the building still stands on the top of the hill near the graveyard. It still stands on its footprint, but itContinue reading “Meetinghouse Night”

Roll With The Punches

Its funny how even if you go to a place many times, It can still hold secrets from you. We were at lake this week, when we stumbled upon a tiny point tucked away.  We have been to the lake many time, and thought we had it figured out. So we were surprised when weContinue reading “Roll With The Punches”

Stark Park

Its a quite night at the beginning of May. I throw the window open, looking out as the final rays pass through the sky. The world is changing. The trees open up with tender leaves that have begun to fill the trees back up. As we sat in the yard yesterday I couldn’t help butContinue reading “Stark Park”

Winters Grip and Finding my Path

For some reason winter will not let go. This weekend the temperatures plummeted. Winds picked up, and it was rough at times to be outside. Yet I made my way outdoors taking in every moment I could. Taking pictures, hiking, skiing and living. Another weekend draws to a close, and I find that I amContinue reading “Winters Grip and Finding my Path”

Clamshell Alley Dreaming

It was a three day weekend in July when I snuck away. Work was wearing me thin, and I was in desperate need of new scenery to lift my spirits. As soon as the car was packed, Ed and I jumped on 95 North. We passed through Manchester, towards the seacoast finally passing under aContinue reading “Clamshell Alley Dreaming”

Feels Like Home

Ed and my father still hadn’t pulled all the bolts off of leaf spring on the truck. They sat on the ground puzzling out how to get the thing out. I figured I had some time to waste. I put on the orange sweatshirt my mother had pulled from the closet, and made my wayContinue reading “Feels Like Home”