Creeping Peepers

With Spring comes Peepers, the tiny little frogs that fill up our  nights with thousands of tiny songs.  These melodies slowly melt together, creating a symphony in the gathering Spring darkness.  They continue through the night. Before I go to sleep I throw open the window so I can be lulled to sleep by theirContinue reading “Creeping Peepers”

The Meaning of Life at Deering Reservoir

“I wish I could go outside and enjoy the nice weather” The secretary said wistfully. I tired as hard as I could but I couldn’t help as a small smile crept to my face. While the office was beautiful, painted and modern, there was no sun to be seen. I thanked them quietly before grabbingContinue reading “The Meaning of Life at Deering Reservoir”

The River is Wild

Spring is in full swing now. The trees are beginning to form solid buds, and the snow is gone in all but the highest peaks. Mount Washington is still covered in thick layers of snow, but Many of the lower peaks are melting. Trickles of water are beginning to make their way downstream. Soon theyContinue reading “The River is Wild”

Patriots Day at Old North Bridge

It is early morning as we make our way to the bridge, taking our place behind the rope, we gaze around. Many people have come, and the Park Rangers have to push people back behind the ropes. They crowd towards the front, peering in to see what will happen next. There is a disturbance inContinue reading “Patriots Day at Old North Bridge”

History in the Shadow of Mount Washington

It was too busy in Franconia. As we walked along the paths all I could hear was the barking of dogs. That and the yelps and cries of those who had lost their balance on the ice. It was a beautiful day and people were streaming North. Its the way of the Spring up here.Continue reading “History in the Shadow of Mount Washington”

Sleepy Spring Evenings

It is a sleepy Spring evening. I walk slowly, drinking the entire scene in. I make my way off the road, and onto the brown dead grass of last Fall. You can just see new grass beginning to come up, though it hasn’t quite made it yet. Past that lays a pond, thawing out afterContinue reading “Sleepy Spring Evenings”

Looking to the Future among the days of Spring.

Its a lazy day at the tail end of the weekend, the sun  just now setting. Our windows are thrown open, and surprisingly there is no chill. I still sit comfortably near the window in a T-shirt,watching as the light melts away. Coming out of the store tonight I could hear the faint intermittent callsContinue reading “Looking to the Future among the days of Spring.”

Contoocook Spring

There is no time to stop these days. I am busy trying to build a sturdy foundation for my life. I spent so many years cast adrift. I had bought into the idea that I could find happiness amid corporate America. Three years later, I have begun to acknowledge how wrong I was. Windowless wallsContinue reading “Contoocook Spring”

Rivers Fury And Spring.

Here in Southern New Hampshire, Spring has begun to arrive.  The ground has begun to thaw as daylight hours have grown. The large snow piles have dwindled. The buds on the trees have begun to grow, and Daffodils have begun to push up through patches of soil. In a few weeks the world will comeContinue reading “Rivers Fury And Spring.”

Tiny Moments by The Sea

     Its a small moment. The waves crash  beyond me. The white capped waves roil offshore before hiting the sharp rocks of the point. The wind is up, and the ocean is restless.  Near shore, I skitter over uneven rocks. It’s a tightrope walk. One wrong step could lead to a broken ankle or aContinue reading “Tiny Moments by The Sea”