White Mountain Winter

“Aren’t you sick of all this snow?” The girl at the bank asked “no, not really” I said smiling. The girl looked at me strangely before changing the subject. I’m used to it. I’m one of the few people that loves when we get three snowstorms in a row. Winter can be absolutely beautiful timeContinue reading “White Mountain Winter”

The Bronze Statue and the Pages of our Past.

The snow fell down around me as I broke a path through the parking lot. It was quiet, and I was the only soul out in Bear Brook State Park that afternoon. People do not come here in the Winter. The prefer the resorts or the fireside. Bear Brook does not fall into either ofContinue reading “The Bronze Statue and the Pages of our Past.”

Winter Moon

Its a dark clear night. The stars shine brightly, and the moon lights up the sky. Yesterday at this time the winds were whipping and snow swirled restlessly through the air. But tonight the world was quiet and calm. The storm that had brought the North East to a crippling standstill had moved on. OnceContinue reading “Winter Moon”