On The Edge of the World

Lubec Maine is a tiny town that is tucked into the most eastern part of the United States. Bordered by Canada, many people know it because of West Quoddy Head Light. Yet there is so much more to Lubec. It is a tiny town that is reinventing itself. I went there as a child andContinue reading “On The Edge of the World”

Creeping Peepers

With Spring comes Peepers, the tiny little frogs that fill up our  nights with thousands of tiny songs.  These melodies slowly melt together, creating a symphony in the gathering Spring darkness.  They continue through the night. Before I go to sleep I throw open the window so I can be lulled to sleep by theirContinue reading “Creeping Peepers”

Summer Memories

It is a sweltering day that melts into a warm quiet night. My sister and I go swimming downtown. We alternate taking turns jumping off of the dock into the lake. The water is refreshing on the skin after the muggy oppressive day. The evening is dark, and thunder threatens in the distance, rolling overContinue reading “Summer Memories”

Frost Heaves and Signs of Spring

“Bang! Bang! Bang Bang!” My whole body shudders, as my tires skittered across the washboard potholes. I hang onto for dear life until I clear them. You can always see them coming, lined up in lone even rows down the road. Many try to avoid them. Yet many others sigh in resignation, seconds later theContinue reading “Frost Heaves and Signs of Spring”

Old Schoolhouse Memories

Every once in a while I pass the old schoolhouse in my way into Greenfield. The tall white building standing in the center is only second to the large Meetinghouse that sits on the hill. The worn old schoolhouse that held so many memories, including my own. When I pass my I can almost hearContinue reading “Old Schoolhouse Memories”

Winding Dirt Roads, Small Towns, and the Truth About Growing up.

It was Sunday afternoon, and we were looking for nothing more than a meal and a place to lay our heads.  The weekend seemed to have passed us by in a colorful blur. I cannot say I regretted it, but at the same time I felt guilty that I did not write more. I gotContinue reading “Winding Dirt Roads, Small Towns, and the Truth About Growing up.”

Neglecting the White Picket Fences

I make my way behind the church, my shuffling footsteps kicking up pebbles. The setting sun creates a quiet scene of Fall serenity here in the center of town. It is the quintessential New England Fall, the leaves just beginning to change. The sun sinks lazily behind the trees, casting yellow orange rays upon theContinue reading “Neglecting the White Picket Fences”

Small Town, Big Dreams, and Realizing Where I Belong

back to Fall. The sun starts to set on the Connecticut River, and shadows begin to move across the fields. We continue our way along, driving over broken pavement. As the car hugs the twists and turns, I look out the window. The road snakes back and forth, as the river meanders quiet and smoothContinue reading “Small Town, Big Dreams, and Realizing Where I Belong”

The Comming Of Spring

With these warm past few days, it is hard not to turn our thoughts towards Spring. I love winter, yet I am looking forward the transition. The change in season brings us a host of new things. In New Hampshire we have long drawn out Winters. By their end, even Winter enthusiasts are ready forContinue reading “The Comming Of Spring”