Creeping Peepers

With Spring comes Peepers, the tiny little frogs that fill up our  nights with thousands of tiny songs.  These melodies slowly melt together, creating a symphony in the gathering Spring darkness.  They continue through the night. Before I go to sleep I throw open the window so I can be lulled to sleep by theirContinue reading “Creeping Peepers”

Rugged Coast

It is mid March. The days have begun to get longer, but the winds still carries a heavy chill. We are still months away from the warm evenings of summer that never end.  Yet I enjoy this time of year, when the  seacoast is quiet. I find solace in the hushed moments in the offContinue reading “Rugged Coast”

The Comming Of Spring

With these warm past few days, it is hard not to turn our thoughts towards Spring. I love winter, yet I am looking forward the transition. The change in season brings us a host of new things. In New Hampshire we have long drawn out Winters. By their end, even Winter enthusiasts are ready forContinue reading “The Comming Of Spring”

Winter Moon

Its a dark clear night. The stars shine brightly, and the moon lights up the sky. Yesterday at this time the winds were whipping and snow swirled restlessly through the air. But tonight the world was quiet and calm. The storm that had brought the North East to a crippling standstill had moved on. OnceContinue reading “Winter Moon”