Thousands of Pictures

A year later I still find myself regrouping. I am kinda disappointed, yet when I really think deeper, I know there is nothing to be ashamed of. It has been a hard year. Yet now it is time to buckle down and get this dream moving. I have made some progress on writing. No payingContinue reading “Thousands of Pictures”

Lessons On Writing

Was disappointed I did not post yesterday, but It was for good reason. I only have limited time after work, and these days I need to prioritize. I spent the evening working on editing. I’m spending November focused on getting a major edit done on my longest piece to date. years. Many nights I amContinue reading “Lessons On Writing”

Thinking of Home

This is a shot I took last month of the Meeting House, In my Hometown of Greenfield New Hampshire. Its an incredible old building that has stood for many decades. It has been featured in calendars all over the country. In Iowa I found a calendar with a picture of the old meeting house. TheseContinue reading “Thinking of Home”

Waning Seasons of Change.

It was a dreary day here in New England. The Rainy was coming down, the temperatures have not reached out of the fifties. The air has a chill to it, and I am happy that I had the sense to grab a sweater on my way out this morning. Its was a cold wet afternoonContinue reading “Waning Seasons of Change.”

Little Novembers

The trees are bare as we continue our march towards Winter.  The snowbirds are beginning to leave, and many people are outwardly complaining about the coming weather. I welcome this time of year with open arms. It is just another stop on the wider journey. The colors have faded away, the brown  folded leaves ofContinue reading “Little Novembers”

Sweet Late September

The road passes down the big field where the barn was. A couple years ago we had heavy snow and the it’s back finally broke. The roof caved in and the barn fell in upon itself. This Summer, they finally took a bulldozer to the weather beaten remains. Now nothing remains but a fresh patchContinue reading “Sweet Late September”

White Mountain River Diaries

On Friday, I traveled up to the White Mountains. This region of New Hampshire is known worldwide for its beautiful views, small towns, and foliage. Growing up in the state, I have a intimate connection with the region. Its a place where I have spent many of my Summers. I love those sweeping mountains views,Continue reading “White Mountain River Diaries”

New Hampshire Road Notes

One of the best aspects of New Hampshire is its size.  Today I headed out, and was able to take photos in two of our major regions. I first stopped in the lakes region. It was still fairly early, and there was plenty of room at the town pier. The weather was beautiful and IContinue reading “New Hampshire Road Notes”