How I came to Minimalism

Why Minimalism?

Its was one of the first, big questions. It’s an alternative lifestyle. One that many people find peculiar. So I wanted to share how so realized it was the life that I wanted to live.

I don’t need much to be happy. As I grow older, I find that the simpler the better. Nothing makes me happier than a clean uncluttered room. Honestly, I am stressed out by too many things. I find peace in quiet clean spaces. I also have a hard time cleaning, so less stuff makes staying orderly easier. Nothing feels better than sitting down after you cleaned the house, everything in its rightful place.

Another reason was the realization that my best memories revolve around experiences, not things. A few years ago, we went to Arches, we drove across Iowa. I have walked on the beaches of Norfolk on a rainy morning, and walked the hallowed halls of the U.S Holocaust museum. I have had some amazing experiences, but none of them are centered around things. I want to continue that roaming lifestyle . We cannot do that if we are encumbered by possessions.

I also have a issue with materialism. We live in a throwaway society. It is a society that places too much value on things, and not the content of peoples character. We don’t fix things anymore, and there is something sad about that. We also are doing damage to the planet with our wants versus needs attitude. I believe that we could do with a lot less. I may not be able to convince others, but I can make a difference with my actions.

So here are the core reasons why I am turning to minimalism. I believe that less is more. Hopefully this will helped me feel better, and live authentically. I will keep you all updated on our progress.

Till next time

The Downsizing

We had made it to U-Haul just in time. We rented the unit, and quickly moved our life into it. Quietly I told my husband that we would be back soon to purge. we have been upended, but it has been a great opportunity to downsize. It is the first big step in our new lifestyle. Downsizing is an exciting step in our lives.

Downsizing is something you don’t here much about. Our society focuses on accumulation of a life. There isn’t much time spent on examining what we really need. For me, downsizing is about creating a simpler life.Getting rid of things makes me feel refreshed, and it helps me feel more grounded. There are two big components to this, purging and buying less.

The first is PURGING.When we moved, we got rid of so much stuff. I have a motto,of ” When in doubt, throw it out.” We really wanted to slim down to only things that we needed. We are sick of the work that extra stuff brings. It becomes cumbersome and unneeded. So we only kept what we really needed. One example of this is our kitchen. We have slimmed down to bare necessities. This includes;

  • Two plates
  • Two bowls
  • Two cups
  • Two sets of utensils
  • two glasses
  • Two mugs.

A big part of this was organization. If we kept it, it was moving with us, or going to storage. If there was no need for it, it went to charity, or was thrown away.In every room we did this, to ensure we only brought necessities. Downsizing means letting go.

The second part of this is BUYING LESS. We want to stop accumulating things. We both have a habit of buying too much stuff. There also tends to be a lot of impulse buying. My belief is that this is because of the way we are conditioned. I go into stores, and always end up with stuff even if I don’t need it. It is going to take a fair amount of effort to overcome, but we mean to try.

One part of this is looking at purchases critically. I only want to buy necessary things. I also want to buy quality things that will last. My goal is to make fewer, more meaningful purchases. This will help us begin and maintain our new lifestyle.

For us this is just the start of a new journey. I am excited to keep you updated on how things are going. I hope that this will help us be happy and grow. Hopefully downsizing will allow us to get back to our roots and stay happy. No matter what happens, I am excited about downsizing.