Bumping Chairs

With the weather this weekend, I didn’t get an opportunity to take out my Nikon D7100. The downside to this time of year is the short days. I work a regular 9-5, so my photography opportunities are constricted to weekends. I love the winter, but excited for the longer days. Now that we are inContinue reading “Bumping Chairs”

Ski Bum Saturdays

Here in Southern NH we have been finally blessed with snow. Tuesday afternoon, a sloppy storm came through and offered up a couple inches, which finally allowed our mountains to open up. It has been a hard December for the ski industry, and it is great that they will finally have an chance to openContinue reading “Ski Bum Saturdays”

Manchester to Stockbridge

The first day began when we climbed into the truck at 8:30. We had planned to be out of town by 8, but things had held us up. Yet with a 28 hour drive, it didn’t really seem to matter if we left a half hour late. We were headed West, over the plains andContinue reading “Manchester to Stockbridge”