Finding Myself

I went for a walk to clear my head tonight. The days are still cold, but the bright sun lingers a bit longer each day. I’m exhausted, but trying my best to take advantage the extra daylight. We are living in Manchester, and I take walks up at the local college. Being on campus madeContinue reading “Finding Myself”

New Updates

Hey Folks. Hope that everyone is having an incredible Summer. I wanted to thank everyone for their continued readership. You guys are the best! You  encourage me to continue my dream of becoming a writer. This week I made a huge leap and published a Facebook page Colleen Ann Freelance. I am using this pageContinue reading “New Updates”


I woke up bleary in Iowa. By the time we had reached Ohio it had been dark. Being a passenger isn’t ideal at night, so I decided to catch some sleep.  What was meant to be a quick nap turned into a seven hours of sleep. I opened my eyes, and gazing outside. It tookContinue reading “Iowa”

Tiny Reflections

Near the end of April, I made a decision to leave my job. At the time the concept was new, and somewhat terrifying. We are so used to structure and routine. A break from this can throw us off balance. Yet a decision that was somewhat terrifying has turned into one of the best thatContinue reading “Tiny Reflections”

Stark Park

Its a quite night at the beginning of May. I throw the window open, looking out as the final rays pass through the sky. The world is changing. The trees open up with tender leaves that have begun to fill the trees back up. As we sat in the yard yesterday I couldn’t help butContinue reading “Stark Park”

Point of the Compass

Its a Tuesday night, two days down-but three to go. Its been a rough week, where I have felt like a bobber cast adrift in the current. I am helpless, unsure of my direction.  I am fighting so hard to find the current, yet sometimes it seems so far. Yet I know that eventually IContinue reading “Point of the Compass”

Old Schoolhouse Memories

Every once in a while I pass the old schoolhouse in my way into Greenfield. The tall white building standing in the center is only second to the large Meetinghouse that sits on the hill. The worn old schoolhouse that held so many memories, including my own. When I pass my I can almost hearContinue reading “Old Schoolhouse Memories”

Winding Dirt Roads, Small Towns, and the Truth About Growing up.

It was Sunday afternoon, and we were looking for nothing more than a meal and a place to lay our heads.  The weekend seemed to have passed us by in a colorful blur. I cannot say I regretted it, but at the same time I felt guilty that I did not write more. I gotContinue reading “Winding Dirt Roads, Small Towns, and the Truth About Growing up.”

Winters Grip and Finding my Path

For some reason winter will not let go. This weekend the temperatures plummeted. Winds picked up, and it was rough at times to be outside. Yet I made my way outdoors taking in every moment I could. Taking pictures, hiking, skiing and living. Another weekend draws to a close, and I find that I amContinue reading “Winters Grip and Finding my Path”