After the Fall

  The gravel crunched under his feet as he made his way up the path. He had ridden up from the capital, but had taken a quiet path up to the castle. He wasn’t sure if he was being followed, and he needed to make sure he shook them before he got there. There hadContinue reading “After the Fall”

Post November

Here were are again, at the end of another year. As I get older I feel as if the years go by quicker. That may just be the schedule though. I work full time, and in my free time I am writing or taking pictures. I am happiest when I am creating. For many peopleContinue reading “Post November”

secrets of the desert

They had been driving down the highway further into the west. They had come out of the Rocky Mountains and were made it across the Utah border. The day was coming to a close as Mary pulled of the highway. “why don’t we try to find a campground?” Emma said “ looked at the mapContinue reading “secrets of the desert”

It Will Be Ok

“ Murphy, I don’t like this.” Emma said emphatically. She thought the were going out for a ride. She relaxed, melting into the front seat. Murphy had cranked the music loud, and she had lost herself in him. His smile, and the jokes that seemed to come naturally to him. She was so preoccupied, thatContinue reading “It Will Be Ok”

The Coming Year

Hope this finds everyone in good spirits after the holiday. Here in New Hampshire we are expecting a snowstorm. I cannot wait for the world to turn winter wonderland overnight. It is hard to believe that we are hurtling towards 2016. I am looking forward to the New Year and all that it will bring.Continue reading “The Coming Year”

First or Third?

Hello All. Hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Sorry I have not been around too much I have been busy, working, taking pictures and writing. About a week ago I finished my first major edit on my manuscript. I took about a week off from it,  and I am looking forward toContinue reading “First or Third?”

Deep River

Something had happened in Millers swamp years ago. Becca and Alex had kissed their mother goodbye to play in the woods. The village children played out in the deep woods for as long as anyone could remember. They would come back to town near sundown, sneaking in through doors that were always unlocked. Yet asContinue reading “Deep River”