secrets of the desert

They had been driving down the highway further into the west. They had come out of the Rocky Mountains and were made it across the Utah border. The day was coming to a close as Mary pulled of the highway. “why don’t we try to find a campground?” Emma said “ looked at the mapContinue reading “secrets of the desert”

Spooky Stories

I have never been a Summer person. I love the crisp weather and shortening days of Fall. Each year I look forward to early October. Right now in southern New Hampshire we are almost near peak foliage. We have had a dry year, so everyone expected foliage to be early this year. We have hadContinue reading “Spooky Stories”

Seasons Changing

So here we are, almost halfway through the week already. I never used to believe the adults when they said as you got older time went by fast. They were right. All around us the leaves are changing, the weather is getting colder. I still can’t believe the Summer is gone. We are getting readyContinue reading “Seasons Changing”

Grey Skies of November

The air has a bite to it tonight. The skies are dark as we prepare for rain coming in from the west. As I make my way out from work, my mind drifts to the changing seasons. I have always found the cold air against my skin refreshing. The landscape has changed so much withinContinue reading “Grey Skies of November”

Little Novembers

The trees are bare as we continue our march towards Winter.  The snowbirds are beginning to leave, and many people are outwardly complaining about the coming weather. I welcome this time of year with open arms. It is just another stop on the wider journey. The colors have faded away, the brown  folded leaves ofContinue reading “Little Novembers”

Deep River

Something had happened in Millers swamp years ago. Becca and Alex had kissed their mother goodbye to play in the woods. The village children played out in the deep woods for as long as anyone could remember. They would come back to town near sundown, sneaking in through doors that were always unlocked. Yet asContinue reading “Deep River”

Sweet Late September

The road passes down the big field where the barn was. A couple years ago we had heavy snow and the it’s back finally broke. The roof caved in and the barn fell in upon itself. This Summer, they finally took a bulldozer to the weather beaten remains. Now nothing remains but a fresh patchContinue reading “Sweet Late September”

The Quiet approach of Fall

Its August now. The Summer is waning, and signs are everywhere. Slowly the days are becoming shorter, though most people try to ignore this. The apples in the local orchard are almost ready. They sit high in the trees, the red blush just starting to show on their surfaces. Even the Oaks and Maples areContinue reading “The Quiet approach of Fall”

Neglecting the White Picket Fences

I make my way behind the church, my shuffling footsteps kicking up pebbles. The setting sun creates a quiet scene of Fall serenity here in the center of town. It is the quintessential New England Fall, the leaves just beginning to change. The sun sinks lazily behind the trees, casting yellow orange rays upon theContinue reading “Neglecting the White Picket Fences”