Bolton Valley

I had never heard of Bolton Valley. I was sick Friday with the stomach flu, when my husband approached me. He quietly asked me if I had any interest in skiing on Sunday. I mumbled a yes before rolling over to sleep. Saturday I was feeling better and had doubts about the trip. It wasContinue reading “Bolton Valley”

Summer Rest

We are finally getting some rain here. We had a dry Winter that has continued into a dry Summer. It first it was glorious, yet now the plants are brittle and the lawns are brown. We have needs this rain. Today it has been cool and rainy, a nice change. I enjoy the cool weather,Continue reading “Summer Rest”

Roll With The Punches

Its funny how even if you go to a place many times, It can still hold secrets from you. We were at lake this week, when we stumbled upon a tiny point tucked away.  We have been to the lake many time, and thought we had it figured out. So we were surprised when weContinue reading “Roll With The Punches”