The Bronze Statue and the Pages of our Past.

The snow fell down around me as I broke a path through the parking lot. It was quiet, and I was the only soul out in Bear Brook State Park that afternoon. People do not come here in the Winter. The prefer the resorts or the fireside. Bear Brook does not fall into either ofContinue reading “The Bronze Statue and the Pages of our Past.”

The Comming Of Spring

With these warm past few days, it is hard not to turn our thoughts towards Spring. I love winter, yet I am looking forward the transition. The change in season brings us a host of new things. In New Hampshire we have long drawn out Winters. By their end, even Winter enthusiasts are ready forContinue reading “The Comming Of Spring”

Ski Turns

It was a Friday night, clear and cold when my sister and I jumped upon the lift. The original double chair caught us mid shin, cutting us down and sitting us in the chair. Years ago this used to be the only chair my sister would go on. She refused to go off anything different,Continue reading “Ski Turns”