Lessons on Winter

Its been a cold week here in New Hampshire. Our Winter as a whole has been warm, with little snow. Yet last week the season made its hard entrance. Temperatures plummeted, before quietly sliding into the negatives. The sun went down, and it became dangerously cold. As the darkness settled down around us, the windContinue reading “Lessons on Winter”

Waning Seasons of Change.

It was a dreary day here in New England. The Rainy was coming down, the temperatures have not reached out of the fifties. The air has a chill to it, and I am happy that I had the sense to grab a sweater on my way out this morning. Its was a cold wet afternoonContinue reading “Waning Seasons of Change.”

Grey Skies of November

The air has a bite to it tonight. The skies are dark as we prepare for rain coming in from the west. As I make my way out from work, my mind drifts to the changing seasons. I have always found the cold air against my skin refreshing. The landscape has changed so much withinContinue reading “Grey Skies of November”

Little Novembers

The trees are bare as we continue our march towards Winter.  The snowbirds are beginning to leave, and many people are outwardly complaining about the coming weather. I welcome this time of year with open arms. It is just another stop on the wider journey. The colors have faded away, the brown  folded leaves ofContinue reading “Little Novembers”

The Little Things On North Pack.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the Monadnock Region, and we finally got out on a hike. We chose to hike North Pack Monadnock, a mountain that is located close to our home. We left shortly before noon taking Teds Trail to Carolyn Trail. I have been up the mountain numerous times, but this routeContinue reading “The Little Things On North Pack.”

The Quiet approach of Fall

Its August now. The Summer is waning, and signs are everywhere. Slowly the days are becoming shorter, though most people try to ignore this. The apples in the local orchard are almost ready. They sit high in the trees, the red blush just starting to show on their surfaces. Even the Oaks and Maples areContinue reading “The Quiet approach of Fall”

The Meaning of Life at Deering Reservoir

“I wish I could go outside and enjoy the nice weather” The secretary said wistfully. I tired as hard as I could but I couldn’t help as a small smile crept to my face. While the office was beautiful, painted and modern, there was no sun to be seen. I thanked them quietly before grabbingContinue reading “The Meaning of Life at Deering Reservoir”

Stark Park

Its a quite night at the beginning of May. I throw the window open, looking out as the final rays pass through the sky. The world is changing. The trees open up with tender leaves that have begun to fill the trees back up. As we sat in the yard yesterday I couldn’t help butContinue reading “Stark Park”

The River is Wild

Spring is in full swing now. The trees are beginning to form solid buds, and the snow is gone in all but the highest peaks. Mount Washington is still covered in thick layers of snow, but Many of the lower peaks are melting. Trickles of water are beginning to make their way downstream. Soon theyContinue reading “The River is Wild”

Sleepy Spring Evenings

It is a sleepy Spring evening. I walk slowly, drinking the entire scene in. I make my way off the road, and onto the brown dead grass of last Fall. You can just see new grass beginning to come up, though it hasn’t quite made it yet. Past that lays a pond, thawing out afterContinue reading “Sleepy Spring Evenings”