Post November

Here were are again, at the end of another year. As I get older I feel as if the years go by quicker. That may just be the schedule though. I work full time, and in my free time I am writing or taking pictures. I am happiest when I am creating. For many peopleContinue reading “Post November”

Leaping Forwards

Happy to finally be back here, and to be writing. It has been a very exciting few weeks for me, but I have missed this. I have been very blessed lately, but life is not complete without my writing. I missed the magic of working with words, and the interactions with all of you. MidContinue reading “Leaping Forwards”

These are the Days of our Lives.

Almost two full weeks into September, it seems a great time to reflect on the last few months. Its raining as I sit here, a light fog covering everything. The clouds swirl restlessly, as fog rises up on the road. Fall is all around, from the shorter days to the colder nights. The heat hasContinue reading “These are the Days of our Lives.”

Liebster Award

Hey everyone! Hope you have been doing well. I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Liebster Award by Iris and the Very Hungry Entourage. As many of you know, I am working tirelessly to realize my dream of becoming a writer. I really appreciate the recognition! I am so thankful that you thinkContinue reading “Liebster Award”

Life is an Open Road

As I have mentioned before this Summer has been a major one in my life. Things are finally beginning to calm down. Now it is time to get back to those big life questions I have been putting off.  Some of them have been figured out. I know where I want to go and theContinue reading “Life is an Open Road”

Life Adventures.

Why? Many people no longer ask this question. I see in a the grocery store. The adult driving the nice car with a string of kids with them. Everyone has new toys, nice clothes and designer shoes. The kids are screaming or playing with their brand new phone, while the parent try to make decisions.Continue reading “Life Adventures.”