Summer Crossroads

Its has been one of those days where I have been haunted by writers block. Nothing is worse than sitting in front of the computer, unable to write about something. There is so many thoughts moving around my mind, it is a wonder I can sit down at all. Yet it is my responsibility as a writer, I need to try. I hope that you enjoy my feeble attempt.

Summer. Greenfield NH. Photo By Colleen Ann

Greenfield NH.
Photo By Colleen Ann

Once again I am up enjoying the grand scenery of  Maine. The trip this weekend was a surprise. Earlier in the week, my father suddenly mentioned it to us. Now we are six hours from home, relaxing the last few days of August away. The weather up here is perfect. The temperature hovers around 70 degrees and the air is clear. Eggemoggin Reach is a muted blue, and sailboats glide carelessly over its surface. Its so quiet here and it gives me the space to breath. Being here makes the cares of life feel so faraway.

Out over the Reach. Brooklin Maine. Photo By Colleen Ann.

Out over the Reach.
Brooklin Maine.
Photo By Colleen Ann.

Its back to work for me, as soon as I can find something. I have been out of work in May, and life got in the way. I have enjoyed the break, but the wide open days are beginning to lose their novelty. I have so many plans, and dreams. I want to start realizing them.  This Summer has changed my life. I have traveled  8,000 miles, and seen incredible parts of this country. Closer to home I lost my Mother who I was incredibly close to. I have changed, in ways that I am just beginning to understand. The last six months have been chaotic, and I have had no time to breath, never mind think about my direction. I am at a place where I feel I can finally buckle down and move forward.

It is the calm before the storm.

New Updates

Hey Folks.

Hope that everyone is having an incredible Summer. I wanted to thank everyone for their continued readership. You guys are the best! You  encourage me to continue my dream of becoming a writer. This week I made a huge leap and published a Facebook page Colleen Ann Freelance.

I am using this page to exhibit my writing in one central place, as well network with other writers. You can find here at Colleen Ann Freelance, Or look me up Colleen Ann Freelance! I would love to share my work with other writers and photographers, and see your work as well!

Have a great weekend folks!


Contoocook Spring

There is no time to stop these days. I am busy trying to build a sturdy foundation for my life. I spent so many years cast adrift. I had bought into the idea that I could find happiness amid corporate America. Three years later, I have begun to acknowledge how wrong I was. Windowless walls hold no joy for me, and I yearn for something better. 

Small View. Photo by Colleen Ann.

 Saturday I stopped in Bennington to take pictures. The Contoocook broke over the dam, rushing downstream. Just below lay rapids flanked by dozens of jumbled rocks. The sun beat down, taking the chill in the air, and I admired the scene for a moment. Afterwards I made my quiet way down to the river. 

I made my way along, but there was untrustyworthy foothold. My feet lost traction, skittering over tiny pebbles and sandy rocks. After a moment I was able to dig in and stop. I looked down, my feet only inches from the water. My arm was bruised and my hand was covered in scrapes. Yet long ago I realized that getting banged up was part of this. 

Sunlight on the water. Photo by Colleen Ann.

To take unique photos, and gather stories, nature beats you up. I never minded, I accepted this as part of doing something I loved. I am willing to do anything to myself to capture these beautiful things. I have found something that I am willing to throw my whole soul into. For better or worse.

 Even during the harshest moments, I appreciate being outside. Those scrapes tell a story. The pictures gain greater significance with such stories behind them. Every moment I am thankful I have such chances. I have realized that this is where my path needs go. I belong out here among these rocks, watching as the river passes by.