Patriots Day at Old North Bridge

It is early morning as we make our way to the bridge, taking our place behind the rope, we gaze around. Many people have come, and the Park Rangers have to push people back behind the ropes. They crowd towards the front, peering in to see what will happen next. There is a disturbance inContinue reading “Patriots Day at Old North Bridge”

Boston Sketches

My mind is still spinning as I sit down to write. I never knew that setting up a platform to share my work would be so exhausting. I find my mind slipping back to Saturday. My sister and I wandered around Boston with beat up feet and sun-burnt faces. Yet as the city unfolded aroundContinue reading “Boston Sketches”

Looking to the Future among the days of Spring.

Its a lazy day at the tail end of the weekend, the sun  just now setting. Our windows are thrown open, and surprisingly there is no chill. I still sit comfortably near the window in a T-shirt,watching as the light melts away. Coming out of the store tonight I could hear the faint intermittent callsContinue reading “Looking to the Future among the days of Spring.”