Roll With The Punches

Its funny how even if you go to a place many times, It can still hold secrets from you. We were at lake this week, when we stumbled upon a tiny point tucked away.  We have been to the lake many time, and thought we had it figured out. So we were surprised when weContinue reading “Roll With The Punches”

Phrases on The Wall

Nothing makes me angrier than those who have no respect for History. I don’t know if its more common, or that I’m simply paying more attention. Whenever I visit a landmark I experience the disappointment of seeing how some have defaced it. “Ariel + Josh” “David wuzzz here” No one really cares that David wasContinue reading “Phrases on The Wall”

Rugged Coast

It is mid March. The days have begun to get longer, but the winds still carries a heavy chill. We are still months away from the warm evenings of summer that never end.  Yet I enjoy this time of year, when the  seacoast is quiet. I find solace in the hushed moments in the offContinue reading “Rugged Coast”