Tough Writing Days

It is a dreary Sunday. The skies are slate gray and the wind restlessly pushes the trees back and forth. The last few vestiges of Fall are leaving us. Things are moving along here, but I have hot another slump in my writing. I have been struggling, the ast few days to put words onContinue reading “Tough Writing Days”

Struggles and Plans

I had a grand plan. I was so proud of myself during November, because I finished my novel early. The plan was to take the holidays off, and then afterward jump into editing. January first came around and I jumped in. Yet about a week everything stalled. Editing is incredible difficult, yet this seemed impossible.Continue reading “Struggles and Plans”

A Bit of Travel Advice.

Most people flock to the big destinations. To theme parks and bustling cities and national parks. Yet very few people spend the time to really enjoy a place. Slow down, and leave the schedule open. Give yourself the opportunity to wander. So many people rush their vacations, and this has always seemed wrong to me.Continue reading “A Bit of Travel Advice.”