Colorado- Denver to Silverthorne

I woke up in Denver refreshed. After arriving in the city we had gone to dinner, came back and crashed for the night. It was only 7am when we woke up, but it felt like 9. Mountain Standard Time had its advantages. Quickly we packed up, getting ready to leave. I was excited to faceContinue reading “Colorado- Denver to Silverthorne”

Colorado- The Grasslands to Denver

There was something different as we rolled into Colorado.  As we passed the welcome sign I felt my excitement peak. It was hundreds of miles till Denver, yet we had come so far. It had been a day and a half since we had begun, and we only had few hours left. So much hadContinue reading “Colorado- The Grasslands to Denver”


I Fell In Love with Nebraska. We rolled into Omaha around Noon. We passed Kenefick Park, where two grand trains welcome visitors to the city. One of then was a large yellow engine that had the words UNION PACIFIC painted on its side.  Like Des Moines It seemed like a small city. It met usContinue reading “Nebraska”


I woke up bleary in Iowa. By the time we had reached Ohio it had been dark. Being a passenger isn’t ideal at night, so I decided to catch some sleep.  What was meant to be a quick nap turned into a seven hours of sleep. I opened my eyes, and gazing outside. It tookContinue reading “Iowa”


Pennsylvania was a blur. The state seemed very short, but after the long journey through New York, many things seemed brief. It was around 7pm when we passed the “Pennsylvania Welcomes You” sign. I barely saw it as I was still infatuated with Lake Erie. The lake went on forever. Its shimmering surface met theContinue reading “Pennsylvania”

Manchester to Stockbridge

The first day began when we climbed into the truck at 8:30. We had planned to be out of town by 8, but things had held us up. Yet with a 28 hour drive, it didn’t really seem to matter if we left a half hour late. We were headed West, over the plains andContinue reading “Manchester to Stockbridge”