Question from She Explores.

Next year my husband and I are planning on visiting all of the National Parks. To prepare for this I have been seeking out all types of adventure stories. I recently read She Explores,a collection of women’s adventure stories. This book shared diverse stories from women involved in the outdoor industry. The book is beautiful and the stories and incredibly inspirational. My favorite part was the section in between the stories. In these sections were tips on Solo hiking, camping and creativity. One of these was titled Before you Go. It listed ten questions to ask yourself before you go. I figured it would be a fun exercise and jumped into it. These are my answers.

What Road Brought you here?

We were renting from my father and that was a nightmare. To get out of that situation, we moved in with my in-laws. We realized we were living a life based on other peoples ideas. Starting from scratch gave a us an opportunity to prioritize our goals and passions. We both decided to stop waiting and just plan the road trip. We looked at each other and said “Well we have nothing to lose.” We are currently in the beginning stages of planning. We have our van and are beginning the build. I am hoping we can work remotely while we explore National Parks.

Where do you want to go?

The focus of this trip is the United States. I have done smaller trips and what I have realized that different regions are unique. I want to explore both the physical and cultural landscape of America. I want to see as much of the country as we are able to while on the road.

Who inspires you?

My biggest inspiration is John Muir. He had a rapturous love for wild places. His writing speaks to my soul and inspires-me to push my boundaries.

I have also been reading about Marjory Stoneham Douglas lately. She was a fellow writer, and she loved the Everglades. Her tireless fight for the place that she loved inspired me.

I am inspired by those who are passionate about nature, and use their voices to change things.

How long will the trip be?

Right now our target is 6 months on the road. That may change, because if there is one thing I have learned it is to be flexible.

How much living space do you need?

Not much! I need a bed to sleep on. And a comfy space to write. Other than that I am pretty flexible. I have realized that I need much less space that I thought.

What are you passionate about?

Right now Adventure, Minimalism, and Mental Health are my focus. Most of all I am passionate about creating a life where I am healthy, happy and whole.

Who will you take?

I will be traveling with my Husband and our Australian Shepard, Maddie.

What feels like home?

Anywhere I am with my husband and my dog. I feel more at home in nature than other physical spaces.

Will the road lead you back to home?

Honestly we are not sure. We originally wanted to settle in New England, but right now we are untethered and if the right place presents itself I believe we would be open to it.

What is currently stopping you?

Before it was a mindset. I found leaving for 6 months a horrifying concept. That big of a hole in my resume? Unthinkable! But I have gotten past that thankfully.

Right now, finances and the time of year. My husband is also working on getting his bad shoulder fixed. Despite this we should have a target date soon!

Thank you so much to the She Explores crew for inspiring me. These questions really helped me get creative. The book is great for anyone who is looking for some positive energy in their life. If you haven’t checked out the book, get your hands on it!

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