Bitty and Beau’s

We had spent the majority of the week in South Carolina. Yet we were ready for something different. On a whim, we decided to visit family down near Savannah. It was a beautiful morning, and we took off around 6am. Heavy fog sat at ground level, the air sticky and warm. It would be a great beach day, but we had traveling to do. We got settled in the car, and headed south on route 17 towards Georgia.

The ride was pleasant. The morning was warm and sunny. We rode through the  South Carolina countryside, taking everything in.  We passed by deep marshes, and wide open fields. There were also small towns, that passed by. It was beautiful country, and I’m glad I got a chance to see it.

Soon found the need for caffeine gnawing at our bones. As I navigated the rush hour traffic just north of Charleston,  my husband looked to find us a coffee shop. We were looking for a local place.

We had bad luck the entire trip trying to find good coffee. We repeatedly visited Dunkins, which is a staple in New England. Yet we could never get coffee made the way we wanted. We both like our coffee dark. We couldn’t get a coffee without a gallon of cream added in. We tried everything, to no avail. So we wanted a local place, knowing that they usually let you dress your own coffee.

We stumbled upon Bitty and Bea’s by accident. It was the highest rated coffee shop in town. He looked through their page, murmuring that it looked really good..

” Your going to love this place, they work with people with Intellectual and Development Disabilities.” He said with a smile.

Bitty and Beau’s was founded on the idea that people with disabilities have a place in our society. You can read more about their incredible mission here. It is a mission that is close to my heart. I am a direct support professional, and working with people with IDD is my passion. These people are often marginalized, even by those with the best intentions. Many people champion inclusion, but few people follow through with those promises.  The Wright family has though, and they are changing lives in the process.

We stopped in on our way through Charleston. They are in a renovated spot, off of Church Street.The inside is modern and welcoming. There was a beautiful picture up on the wall of the employees. Above the group shot, was the explanation of the organization, and the ideals they represent.

We were ushered in by a soft spoken young man who took our orders. We got two cups of coffee and a couple of pastries. The young man that served us, was attentive, sweet and professional. The service was great, the coffee was tasty and the muffins were warm and tasted perfect.We took our goodies and sat on the benches that looked out over the street. On our way out the door, I grabbed one of their their awesome T-shirts too.

It was a pleasant stop on our road trip to Georgia. I’m so thankful it was our first taste of Charleston. If you are Charleston, I recommend that you check them out.  It was such a unique experience, but it shows us what we are all capable of.



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