Less is More

I have been doing a lot of thinking. I am nearing thirty, and feel the pressure of another milestone birthday creeping closer. Choices need to made about how to spend the rest of my life.One thing that I have been thinking about the type of life that I want to lead.

The last few years, I have been focused heavily on accumulation possessions, and it hasn’t made me any happier. Instead I was unhappy, angry, and unfulfilled. The system that we follow makes so little sense to me. We are told to go to College, get married, buy a home to find happiness. We are taught that this is the sole path that will bring fulfillment. If we give up our free time, the possessions will bring us happiness. There is something so tragic about that.

I also think that this has contributed to my heartache. I thought that things would fix my problems. If I got ahead, my past would simply melt away. The truth is that I cannot move forward until I fix the problems from my past. I need a simpler life.

I want to travel with my husband and dog. I want to spend time out in the rolling plains, see the High Rockies, and get to the Pacific. When we return I want a quieter lifestyle not encumbered by things. My whole idea of settling down has changed. I am no longer set on the 1800 square foot house. My dreams are smaller now, but I am eager to reach them.

This year I am rejecting the worm path to success. instead I am going to listen to the quite beating of my heart, and let it guide me to happiness.

One thought on “Less is More

  1. I’m glad to hear that you are planning on doing some more traveling and being less focused on possessions. I agree with you, something seems very depressing and sterile about a way of life that is focused entirely on money and greed. So many people work away their entire lives and have no time for enjoyment. Although I did not do too well with work and the never ending demands, I am greatful at least that I had the time to do my painting, and biking/ hiking out in the woods. We are constantly being told that we should always be on the go. Run non stop. No wonder there is so much Depression/ Anxiety in our society. Today people are constantly being prescribed drugs and told to “Fit in” to a profoundly sick way of life. I don’t think it was in human evolution to work a 40, sometimes 60 hour work week, get no sleep and have no time to pursue your interests. How has the world came to this.

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