Inspire Me

 It is a world full of new cultures and destinations. People are diverse and  are inspired by different things. Some are inspired by beautiful works of art, or high ideals. Others can be inspired by small conversations, or an intimate moment. This week I took some time to think about what I am energized by. These are some of the the things that inspire me.

Music  Music is a wonderful medium that conveys so much. It holds the keys to past memories, and conveys emotion. It is a full representation of the human experience. Sometimes I put on music to help me write. I have specific playlist for writing, you can check it out here.  Music helps me escape the ruts of my everyday routine. It set the moods for me, and inspires creativity. 

printed musical note page
Photo by Pixabay 


Good Stories, a good story always gets me in a good state of mind.  Today there are so many mediums, books, sites like Longform and podcasts are some places where I find stories. I read carefully, learning from other storytellers. I pay close attention to the way they are using our language.  This helps me enhance my writing. Great writing helps me feel inspired to create my own great stories.

Nature,  So much of who I am is tied into my environment.  I grew up in a rural environment, and it shaped how I see the world.  One of my best short stories Deep River was one centered around a small town much like mine. Being outside makes me feel free, and forget my worries. It is the one place I can put things aside and live in the moment.  This freedom allows creativity to seep into my consciousness. I forget my troubles, and as I relax the ideas come.    

Reflections.Photo By Colleen Ann.

Travel,   New places give you new perspective. With fresh eyes you can really see a place for what it is. The road passing below my tires fills me with an excitement and a fulfillment that it hard to explain. My state of mind is stronger when miles are passing below my feet. A few years ago, we traveled across the country by car. During my trip my travel journal was never far. I recorded everything, even if it seemed stupid. I later took those entries and turned them into blog posts. One of the pieces got picked up by this awesome website ExplorerGear.  New places give you new content, inspire new ideas, and help you grow.

top view of asphalt roadPhoto by eberhard grossgasteiger on

These are the things that inspire me and help enrich my life. These thing help enhance my stories. They are just a few of the things that inspire me to do better.  In our lives we are constantly learning new things, and learning through joy and sometimes pain. Inspiration is everywhere, we just have to be open and willing to see it. I would love to hear about some of the things that you are inspired by.

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