Road Trip Bucket List


Me and my husbands are in the beginning stages of planning a trip out West. The country west of the Mississippi is massive. It is hard to decide where to go. I do have a small list of places that I want to visit. The list focuses on places off the beaten path. I wanted to share this small list with you. Here is the places I want to visit in the West.

The Archway, Kearney Nebraska This a museum that arches over both lanes of Interstate I-80. I am a sucker for museums and western history. we passed underneath it on our last trip to Colorado. We did not have time to visit last time, so on the next trip it is on the itinerary. i also want to explore Kearney as well. 

Castle Valley, Utah I passed through this region on my way to Arches National Park a few years back. It has the Mesas and the towers that are known so well. The landscape captivated me. I want to spend some time getting onto the dirt roads, and really exploring the area.

photo by 
Quentin White

Promontory Utah  This location is where the East and West met, by means of the railroad. The Railroad changed this country in so many way, and I would love to see the place where East met West.

dark clouds daylight grass gravel
Photo by Pixabay on

Gary, Indiana There is something about urban decay that draw me. I’m not sure I will ever make it here, but if i did I would love to take some pictures. I feel like this is a town that holds so many stories, and that is why it draws me.

Photo by 
the idiot photographer

Pawnee National Grassland This wide open area takes your breath away. A few years back, I drove out to Colorado, and we drove just south of this area. It is untouched, and an incredibly beautiful. There is an openness you don’t get back east.

Pawnee. Photo By Colleen Ann.

Independence, Missouri This was the start of the way West for many Americans. The head of the California, Oregon and Santa Fe Trail, this town has lots of history. I would love to poke around this town and learn more about its past.

photo of pathway surrounded by fir trees
Photo by James Wheeler on

So that is it for my list. When it comes down to it there are many paths you can take. That is the big excitement of it all. Are there any places that you think should be on the list? Any places you would like to visit? If so leave a comment and tell us, and maybe we will add it to the list

Till next time!

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My name is Colleen, and I am a writer and photographer from New Hampshire. I love exploring and discovering. I write pieces that focus around the history and landscape of New England, and other things that may come to mind.

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