Best Books of 2018

I can’t believe that it is already November. The holidays are coming up, and we are nearing the end of 2018. One of my goals this year was to read more. I love books, but struggle to find time to read.  This year reading was prioritized and it paid off. This week I finished my 2018 Goodreads challenge.  These are some of the great books that I discovered this year.


The Cruel Prince, By Holly Black This young adult fantasy grabs you and hold on tight all the way through.  It tells the story of two sisters pulled into a fantasy world. It addresses some major adult themes, and had maturity I enjoyed. The fantasy world was so extensive, that I felt completely immersed.  It walks a fine line, and it was a great read. I stumbled on this by accident, but really enjoyed it.


The Nightingale, By Kristin Hannah I love fiction that is set during World War Two. This books tells the story of two sister navigating their way through life in occupied France.  They approach it differently, but  both womens path are intriguing. It looks at how the choices of these women changed the course of their family forever.  This book is full of surprises, and shows the strength that women posses.


Killers of the Flower Moon,  By David Grann This historical work tells the haunting story of the Osage murders. The narrative is beautiful. The history presented covers a grand scope, but never felt overwhelming. I learned so much from this book. The story is tragic, but covers an important part o our history.  If you enjoy hidden parts of American history, you will enjoy this book.


Devil at My Heels,  By David Rensin and Louis Zamperini This is Louis Zamperinis life in his own words. I really enjoyed Unbroken, and I find Louis to be inspiring. I was happy to read the story of his journey from his perspective. He was a such a humble person. He  showed us that if you are lost you can always find your way home. I consider Louise Zamperini to be an American hero.  This book is a beautiful testament to his legacy.


Mad Love and War,  by Joy Harjo This is powerful collection of poems about life as an native American women. We often think of Native American life as something frozen in time.  they are struggling, but they are dynamic, live culture. This book focuses on some of the problems they face. The language of the poetry is beautiful and haunting. They are a powerful testament of a people struggling to survive.


So those are my favorites from 2018. I hope that you enjoyed the list. are you doing a reading challenge, if so how is it going?  What are your favorite books from this year?  I would love some more recommendations!


Till next time!



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