Tough Writing Days

It is a dreary Sunday. The skies are slate gray and the wind restlessly pushes the trees back and forth. The last few vestiges of Fall are leaving us. Things are moving along here, but I have hot another slump in my writing. I have been struggling, the ast few days to put words on paper. being a writer, the words come and go as they please. Seldom does it seem like you have control over the pace. Sometimes, they tumble out of my subconscious in a torrent. I struggle to put ideas to paper. Then there are days like today, when they are reluctant. These are the days when I don’t feel good enough. But there is one thing that I have learned on this journey. even on the off days, I have to keep writing. I wanted to share some of my tips on getting the words moving, even on days when you aren’t feeling inspired.


Create a routine.
Sometimes no matter what the ideas do not come. But you have to write. This is what I struggle with most. To be a writer you need to make writing a part of your life even when It is difficult. I try to dedicate to writing a page a night. Sometimes i find that I start off writing crap, but then it turns into something great. but i would have never been able to get there if I hadn’t sat down and forced myself to put words to paper.

Get up. 

Get away from the desk. I know this sounds counterproductive, but it works( as long as you return later). Sometimes the worst thing you can do is sit there and do nothing. Sometimes a change of venue can inspire ideas. What I usually do is go walking. I find that this opens my mind up.I suddenly go from being bored and uninspired to full of ideas. Go walking or try out a new recipe, or read a new book. hopefully you will stumble upon something inspiring to put words to.

clean computer 153

Switching mediums

We are a society reliant on technology. We need the technology to help us become published authors. There is no rule saying that is where we need to start though. Sometimes I find the most uninspiring thing to be a blank computer screen. Once I was at a barbecue restaurant, and I wrote a poem down on the paper table-cloth with broken off crayons. Take a notebook, go to a park and write about what you see. If you have smart phone or tablet jot ideas or paragraphs down there. write in the sand. Be creative, and don’t let any constraints hold you back. The thing is that you can over transfer it to a computer later.
Write those ideas down
I have had bad days, but I have also had great days as a writer. As I said above, there are days when I can’t keep up. That is why I always try to keep a notebook or my phone handy. If you write the ideas down, you can always return to them later. Some of my best ideas have come out of notebooks full of ideas I put aside.


What inspires you
Find out what inspires you. If you are having a hard day, write about a topic you are passionate about. I have been told that you have to settle and write about lots of topics. While I agree, I think there are also day when you need to focus on things you are passionate about. If you are unable to do that, use this as a warm up. Spend half an hour writing about something you love. If you can get the words flowing, you may return to the other topic with more passion.

We all have bad days.  What defines us is how we respond to them. These are just a few ideas that have helped me in the past. I hope that they are helpful to you in the future. Do you have any ideas that help you put word onto paper?  If you do, share them in the comments.



Published by Colleen

My name is Colleen, and I am a writer and photographer from New Hampshire. I love exploring and discovering. I write pieces that focus around the history and landscape of New England, and other things that may come to mind.

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