Lazy Sunday

Today was a beautiful day, because I was alive.

with my husband out of town, it was a quiet weekend.  I missed him, but enjoyed the two days of quiet.  As an introvert, the quiet allows me to recharge, and I am thankful for it.  I got the chores all done.  I made a hearty soup, did laundry, and read some. I also had some time to think things over.

I was out walking yesterday, when a heavy thought passed through my mind.  We spend so much time in the future and the past, we forget the present. We wish things could have gone better. We  look to the future with promise. Yet we forget the only moment that assured is the one we are living in.  We live such busy lives that we forget to pause and be thankful. We let our lives pass us by. We live in a society, where we value being busy, not reflective. I think that is incredibly sad.

We forget that every moment is another chance to change things. Our notions of life tend to hold us back. The only real barriers that we have are the ones we construct.  We spend so much time trying to get out of own way. I believe this is because we don’t take time to  take stock of things. How are we supposed to reflect or breath when we are dashing about. How are we supposed to create meaningful relationships?  I am victim to this too. I find my life being dictated by the past and future. That is going to change. I have strove to live in the moment. I want to continue to practice that, and I want to take it further.

When I am eighty years old I don’t want to regret that I let life pass me by.

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