Life Passing By

Simple post tonight. It is early October. A gentle rain falls outside as I sit inside warm sipping my coffee.  Darkness falls early this time of year, as we move steadily towards winter.


This year, life got away from me.  It has been full of so many new and exciting things. A new job, and a new puppy, a new stage of my relationship with marriage.  The year has been full of excitement, and so much emotion.  Yet I suddenly looked up and October was here. Three season have passed without notice.  It can be funny how life passes by like that.



As the season is winding down, so is our schedule. For the first time in month we have time to take a breath.  Yet life goes on, and even now, life continues on. New challenges  present themselves.  Yet I am not falling to pieces. I have found a calmness that will help me through. Thing will be ok.

Maybe that is the gift of hardship. It makes you steady on uneven ground.





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