Goals for 18

So we are  just over a week  into the New Year. It is funny, how much hype there is going into the end of the year. Yet as we pass into the New Year, it simply disappears. Honestly I am not a fan of the holidays. I prefer the quiet calmness that meets us in January.  On New Years Day I came up with a list of goals for 2018.  They were honest goals, and as the year progresses, I will update you on how I’m doing. Here are some of my goals.

Write one page everyday.

I’m  doing very well with this one.  So far my writing has been steady, and I haven’t missed a day.  Part of my success is due to making time to write. I am busy, and order to complete this, I need to prioritize it.  So far I am following through, and each day it becomes easier. Words are coming easier, and I even have some story ideas.

Practice mindfulness and not worry about the small stuff.

Last week was rough, with the snow and the cold.  Honestly been having a rough time staying positive. This week has been better, but I still have to work at it.  This all comes don to planning better. I have become very self are of the need of a solid plan, but I havent gotten the implementation down yet.

Do a better job of managing my money.

Making some progress on bills, but have ways to go. My goal is to get ahead and not always be living on pennies.  This year, my fiance and I took on several new responsibilities.  We have a house, a car payment, and bills. We are also paying for our wedding. We are still learning about how to balance these, but we are making progress.

Plan and execute a phenomenal garden.

I have some ideas kicking around. I was very excited, because this week Yankee magazine sent me a reminder to plant garlic. I have found a great resource in the Old Farmer’s Alamanac. They have a great gardening calendar, that can be found here.  I am ready for a summer full of dirt covered hands and beautiful flowers.  Honestly I usually love the winter, but the bitter cold knocked that out of me this year. I plan to sit down in the next few weeks and get that going.

Practice a healthy lifestyle.

Been doing ok on this. My diet has been decent, but I need to get more excercise.  I’m not a health nut, yet I find if I am taking care of myself that my moods get better.

Commit to  updating the  blog.

I am working on this slowly. I am reviving this blog, Contemplative Nostalgia. I have done some reformatting, now time to write.  Again, I need to make a plan. I have had a new story idea going, so that has been taking up much of my time. This week I want to brainstorm some post ideas.

Live my life by my own rules, not others.

Been so busy I haven’t even really had an instance of this yet!

Get outside and do more exploring.

This has been a hard one. New England has been in the grips of a deep freeze for the last two weeks. I usually love Winter, but with highs of 5 degrees, I have been struggling going outside. This week has been much better, and I am getting back on track.

So this is my progres,. I think I am doing well, but I still face struggles. This year is a new start and I am excited to see where it takes me.  What are your plans for 2018? What do you want to accomplish? How do you plan on doing it?  Let me know what your goals for 2018 in the comments.

Till next time!

Published by Colleen

My name is Colleen, and I am a writer and photographer from New Hampshire. I love exploring and discovering. I write pieces that focus around the history and landscape of New England, and other things that may come to mind.

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