Struggles and Plans

I had a grand plan.

I was so proud of myself during November, because I finished my novel early. The plan was to take the holidays off, and then afterward jump into editing. January first came around and I jumped in. Yet about a week everything stalled.

Editing is incredible difficult, yet this seemed impossible. Maybe it was because of the long wait, or external factors. The weather has been gloomy here. I love winter, but am ready for some sunshine. I’m not quite sure what happened, but it slowed me down. Self doubt crept in, and I wondered if the piece was worth editing. The amount of changes seemed insurmountable, and at times, it seemed better to walk away. I meandered around aimlessly as January turned to February.

That is the major reason for my absence, my writing has been struggling. I can picture the scenes perfectly in my head. Yet they never translate onto paper correctly. They have ended up being a pale reflection, and make me second guess myself. It has been hard not to equate my struggles to total lack of skill. I had to take a step back.

I stopped the edit, and took off a week or so. It seemed I was doing more harm than good. The last two weeks I have writing out plots, drawing maps and brainstorming. Slowly I have been filling those holes that seemed impossible. There has been a major plot update. I have also let my mind meander. Little subplots have sneaked in, and often if I follow them, they help me flush out part of my main story.

I have also decided against setting out a schedule. This goes against all of my training, but it needs to be done. To be successful this initial edit needs to be on my terms. I think I have found my direction, but time will tell.

What are your struggles? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, keep writing!

Published by Colleen

My name is Colleen, and I am a writer and photographer from New Hampshire. I love exploring and discovering. I write pieces that focus around the history and landscape of New England, and other things that may come to mind.

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