Post November

Here were are again, at the end of another year. As I get older I feel as if the years go by quicker. That may just be the schedule though. I work full time, and in my free time I am writing or taking pictures. I am happiest when I am creating. For many people this was a terrible year, with so many depressing worls events. While I know why people are struggling, I have been ok. Yet I also feel like that it is all about perspective, 2015 was a terrible year. I lost my Mother, and most of the year was spent grieving. After dealing with something of that levity, most things are easier.

In November I participated in National Novel Writing Month. The piece I was working on was Diramids Choice. It is one piece in a larger work of fiction I have been stuck on for years. The piece was originally for a smaller magazine, but that deal feel through. My hiatus this year has been mainly due to that, I will touch on that later in the blog.

Overall, 2016 was a building year. In 2015 my focus the year before I had been plastering as much content onto the wall as possible. While fun, it wasn’t helping to pushing my platform forward. Then I came to the question, what is my platform?

I had been so busy creating stuff, I hadn’t taken the time to create a platform. I knew what I liked but I hadn’t locked down a concrete idea on things. I had no clear path forward, and I needed to take a break to figure that out. I spent most of 2016 trying to set that foundation up. I have two major fields that I want to work in. I love Americana, and integratingBear Brrok Fall my writing with photography. I also enjoy writing longer stories. I struggled with which medium I should choose. Then right before November, I came to a realization, I could do both.

So onward we go.

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