Spooky Stories

I have never been a Summer person. I love the crisp weather and shortening days of Fall. Each year I look forward to early October. Right now in southern New Hampshire we are almost near peak foliage. We have had a dry year, so everyone expected foliage to be early this year. We have had some stunning colors though, I thought with the lack of rain our colors would be muted. Miraculously we are still getting the hallmark oranges and reds we are famous for. It is time for all sorts of Fall activities. Hot cider, Hayrides and craft fairs. We are lucky to have all the seasons, but Fall is one of thew best.


It is also time for ghost stories. Here in New England we have plenty of them. All those old graveyards and abandoned houses become more spooky when Fall comes around. We have layers of history here reaching back hundreds of years. Being one the oldest part of America, our history lends to ghost stories. Everyone knows about Salem, but there is many more tales. There is the Blue Lady of Vale end, Dogtown, Nellie Butler, and Dudleyville. There are places like the Hoosac Tunnel and Albany NH. No matter where you look in New England there are ghost stories.

Now I’m not a ghost nut. I don’t play with Oujia boards, and I don’t go skulking into the night. I am of the mind where you should let sleeping dogs lie. I don’t fully believe in ghosts, yet I think that it is best to leave well enough alone, just in case. I prefer simply reading the stories, and writing them.


As a writer, I have always loved the ghost stories. If written right, they can send a tingle up your spine with the mysteries that they hold. I love writing them, and visiting places where they originate(In daylight). I am in to classic horror. America as a whole now loves graphic horror. Personally I could never stomach it. I prefer stories where a shadow passes through the doorway, and cannot be explained. The wife that is left and goes mad for no reason. I’m old fashioned, I like to leave certain things to the imagination. I like the mysterious, where the truth is anyones guess. I love to leave things open to interpretation and I think that makes for more engaging writing.


Published by Colleen

My name is Colleen, and I am a writer and photographer from New Hampshire. I love exploring and discovering. I write pieces that focus around the history and landscape of New England, and other things that may come to mind.

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