It Will Be Ok

“ Murphy, I don’t like this.” Emma said emphatically.

She thought the were going out for a ride. She relaxed, melting into the front seat. Murphy had cranked the music loud, and she had lost herself in him. His smile, and the jokes that seemed to come naturally to him. She was so preoccupied, that she was surprised when she noticed they were at the edge of town. She had went to open her mouth, when they had turned off to the old Bricker place.

“Don’t be scared.” he soothed and she bit her tongue. Yet as the battered old structure had come into focus, she had felt the unease creep into her chest. The building sagged and stared out at them with empty eyes.

“Emma” Murphy said soothingly. Looking at her evenly with his deep blue eyes. “It’ll be ok, promise.”

He threw the door open with ease, and Emma followed.

She pulled her coat up around her neck tight and shivered as the wind kicked up. It buffered the big old oaks to and fro like saplings. The wind continued on, whistling through the cracks in the old place. The door stood ajar and creaked back and forth upon its hinges. The whole scene put Emmas nerves on edge.

“ We shouldn’t be here.” She said weakly.

She watched as he lazily rolled his gaze back toward her. He stood a head taller than her, and his dark hair curled around the edges of his baseball cap. This was nothing to him, a way to pass the boredom. Yet she felt there was more going on, even if he wouldn’t believe her.

“ Why Emma? Its just an old house”

“ We shouldn’t be here, you know what they say.”

an incredulous look filled his features, and she felt anger creep into her chest.

“ Don’t laugh” she murmured she tired to sound firm, but a small tinge of hurt slipped into her tone.

He sighed,

“Emma I’m not laughing, but you need to be brave, those are just stories.” she felt her heart flutter as he reached out and grabbed her hand. “come on.” as much as she didn’t want to go she let herself be pulled in.

He led her onto the porch and past the door. The slipped into the old house, with Murphy still holding her hand. Only a bit of overcast light was coming in from outside. They could the silhouettes of overturned furniture and the doorways. The old floors creaked loudly underneath them.

It had been many years since the family has disappeared. Many people thought they had simple left town, but many more thought there was more to the story. The couple had been fighting the night before, and the neighbors had heard scream. Yet the local cops, the staties had been out there, but found nothing. Emma hated the place. whenever she had to pass down the turnpike she had stared up at the empty windows. She always felt the tingle on the back of her neck, like she was being watched.

They had creeped quietly through several rooms. They found nothing more that overturned furniture, beer bottles and graffiti. The came to an old door, Murphy reached out, opening it quickly. A pair of stairs descended into the gloom.

“ I’m going into the basement”

“ I’m not” Emma said she wanted him to stay with her, yet she knew she would sound weak if she protested.

“ Are you sure?”

“ I will go back outside before I go down there, Ill go wait outside.” She said scared.

Murphy shrugged

“ Can you make your way back?”

“I think so”

“ Do you need the light?

“ No,”

“Ok, Just stay in the truck till I get back ok?”

She nodded.

Without hesitation he made his way down into the darkness.

She took a moment, to calm her fear before moving. She could feel her hair standing on end but ignored it. She looked down, swallowing her fear, but kept moving. She turned the corner, and could see the light streaming in from the open door. She was halfway there when she heard a loud bang to her right. She jumped, looking into the corner.

In the darkness she could barely make out a figure to her right. It stood in the darkness and was about the same height as Murphy, She could hear her heart beating in her chest.

“ Murphy” she murmured but the shadow didn’t move

no answer

“Murphy” she said with going unease. She took a step towards the figure,


Her blood ran cold as she hear Murphys voice outside. She felt her blood run cold, and bolted for the door. She could hear rustling behind her. She made it out onto the porch, and jumped.

Murphy was there, leaning calmly up against the truck.

“ We need to go now” Emma said raggedly

“ What is wrong?”

“ I saw something in there!” She shouted jumping into the truck and locking the door. She grabbed the keys and started the truck.

“ Emma!” He said tersely opening her door,

“WE NEED TO GO NOW” She screamed, its coming!”

He sighed finally getting off the side of the truck and went to shut her door. She was so preoccupied she didn’t register his finger slipping over the child safety lock. He ambled over to his side, and jumped in. Finally he threw the car in drive and began to make his way down the driveway. Emma breathed, feeling her heart rate slow. They were safe.

“EMMMA!” She turned around confused. There was a figure running out of the old house, as fast as they could,

It was Murphy.

“ But,” She said panicking “ but you are here. Your driving the truck.” She murmured. Her brain moved quickly. There was no way he could have made it upstairs. She needed to escape. She reached out for the door handle, but it was useless. She was trapped, and watching as Murphy faded into the distance. She trembled, her heart racing, with no way out of the truck she was trapped.

“who are you?” She demanded “What do you want? Where are we going?!”

The truck slowed down, and the figure rolled it head so it was looking straight at her. She almost cried out. It still had Murphys features, but now it had deep black eyes. It looked at her, a mocking smile creeping upon its face. Emma found herself unable to look away.

“ it’ll be ok, I promise.”

Published by Colleen

My name is Colleen, and I am a writer and photographer from New Hampshire. I love exploring and discovering. I write pieces that focus around the history and landscape of New England, and other things that may come to mind.

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