I hope that this finds you all happy and healthy. I apologize once again for the hiatus. I have been working, taking pictures and life has swept me away. Its no an excuse, but I felt the need to reach out.Bear Brrok Fall.jpg

To tell you the truth I’m contemplating my future in writing. I know I want to continue writing. It is simply trying  to fit it int my life, and which was I want to go with it. To tell you the truth, I feel like a caterpillar that quite can’t  escape my cocoon.  I know I have to keep trying, but it can be discouraging sometimes.

I know it is important to keep going. I have a great job with great coworkers. Yet I am not yet content.  I need more than my 9-5. It is a slow way forward.Yet often the hardest journeys lead to the best rewards

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