Lessons on Winter

Its been a cold week here in New Hampshire. Our Winter as a whole has been warm, with little snow. Yet last week the season made its hard entrance. Temperatures plummeted, before quietly sliding into the negatives. The sun went down, and it became dangerously cold. As the darkness settled down around us, the wind kicked up, screeching as it rattled the the window. It was the kind of night when you bundle up under the covers and wait till morning.

The weekend was not much better, and I spent it inside. I love winter, yet this weekend, if you went outside in a matter of moments your face would ache. I was trying to nurse a cold, and I knew that it would be better to stay inside. I love skiing, and being outside, and my weekend felt empty, yet I knew it was the right call. Now that I have a seasons pass it doesn’t hurt to skip a weekend. I can ere on the side of caution, because there are always other days. I spent the weekend reading, wrapped up in a blanket, while my Boxer laid idly across my lap.


The days were defined by bright sunny days and pale blue skies. The mornings are deceivingly beautiful, yet they threaten to take the air right from your lungs. The robins sing cheerfully, like it is a warm summer morning. You can be fooled as you listen to them warble, that is until you step outside.

The nights were clear, a deep blue blanket scattered with stars. The moon steadily gaining once again. It hangs like a pale yellow sliver in the sky. These are the deep blue nights of February. I like to get outside and enjoy it, once this arctic front melts away. There is something unique about Winter nights. Something about the deep blue of the sky. The bitter cold makes the stars twinkle brighter. The hard edges to the season define its beauty, creating an image that is hard to turn away from. I love bundling up and heading outside. Turning off the lights and gazing up into the majesty of universe.


Nothing is like Winter. There is a quiet beauty, that most people miss. Our society has taken an attitude of negativity when it comes to short days of Winter. People lament about the sunshine and cold temperatures cursing Nature. Yet don’t the cold long nights of winter make us love those long sunny days? I just consider it another magnificent part of this life, and I let go and enjoy it.

Published by Colleen

My name is Colleen, and I am a writer and photographer from New Hampshire. I love exploring and discovering. I write pieces that focus around the history and landscape of New England, and other things that may come to mind.

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