Leaping Forwards

Happy to finally be back here, and to be writing. It has been a very exciting few weeks for me, but I have missed this. I have been very blessed lately, but life is not complete without my writing. I missed the magic of working with words, and the interactions with all of you.

Mid January I received an unexpected promotion. I have always been a hard worker, and it is nice to have my work recognized. It made for a interesting few weeks though. The company is also going through some changes, so many things have been happening at once. Between training the person who would take my place and learning my new position, I have been hard at work. That combined with a mid winter cold has monopolized my time. Yet now I’m settling into my new routine. I felt that familiars pull and I knew it was time to come home.

It felt strange, stepping back from my writing and photography for so long. Short of a few afternoons taking pictures, I had stepped away from everything for a month. My life has consisted of work, relaxing, and learning. There was an incredible guilt in my heart for leaving everything so long. Yet I knew how important it was to create a steady foundation. I would love to sit home and write all day, but that will not pay my way. It may be many months or years until I can come out as a author in my own right. Until then I have to provide for myself.

Part of that is maintaining a life that enables me to write. By taking this position, I have ensured that I can keep on writing. When I took my original job with the company, it was really a leap of faith. Yet it payed off. My life has been much more stable, and my countenance has improved. My stress has fallen to almost nothing, and my health has been much better.

The only jobs I could land out of school were call centers. Working in a call center emotionally drains you. In that environment I was stressed out and constantly sick. Colds would knock me out for a month. Last year I approached a recruiter, who promised me a new start. I ended up in another call center…. Yet in the Spring everything changed. With my mother sick, I decided I needed some time off, and walked away. It was a gamble, but I look at where I am now, and I’m thankful I took that chance, because it changed my life.

Positively changing your environment can change your life. Sometimes it can be necessary to take a couple steps backwards, so you can leap forwards.

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