Ski Bum Saturdays

Here in Southern NH we have been finally blessed with snow. Tuesday afternoon, a sloppy storm came through and offered up a couple inches, which finally allowed our mountains to open up. It has been a hard December for the ski industry, and it is great that they will finally have an chance to open up for all of us Winter junkies. I have a season pass to Crotched Mountain, so heading over to the hill whenever I have a few hours is great. It is a smaller hill, but has plenty of terrain, and it is close to home. It is a great way to get outside and enjoy the cold winter months.

I love skiing and the freedom it give me. Between working and trying to become an author, life is so structured these days. It is a flurry of constant planning and doing, and I hardly have any time to think. When I ski I have to put everything aside and focus solely on making it down the hill. It is a great time to contemplate life, or think about my story as a whole. When you are riding down the hill, you are surrounded by people, yet still alone. I enjoy the solitude that it give me, and the fact that it pulls me away from everything, even if just for a little while.

Lots of people in these parts hate snow, which I have never understood. Snow will always come despite the complaining. For me, I embrace it. The winter months will come no matter what we do, so I figure I may as well enjoy them. The world is a different place in Winter. It is a quiet calm place that displays its own beauty. The sky is a pale blue, and the new snow glitters when the sun hits it. It can be a beautiful time of year if you look in the right sort of light. It is a great time of year to curl up with a hot chocolate and write, or to get out and take incredible photos of the landscape. There is so much to do in January in New Hampshire.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful New Years weekend. I hope that you are able to enjoy this incredible time of year as well. I continue to look forward to sharing my writing with you in the coming year.

Published by Colleen

My name is Colleen, and I am a writer and photographer from New Hampshire. I love exploring and discovering. I write pieces that focus around the history and landscape of New England, and other things that may come to mind.

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