Rising from the Ashes.

It is a beautiful night here. We creep closer to Thanksgiving, and the days become increasingly colder. I love the crisp air. As I left work today, I was met by a dark navy sky and the pale crescent moon. I get out right when the sunset meets the night, and it is incredible. There is a ribbon of pale daylight that lingers near the horizon as the night settles in all around us. We are surrounded by cycles of change.

The last few days I have been thinking of my place in the world. I want to make this world better than I found it. It seems so unattainable sometimes, with everything that is going on. How can anyone change the course of things? This is part of why I share my writing and photography. I want to bring the beautiful things I see to the world. We live in a society that is overwhelmed with negative things. There is so much hate and violence, that it is hard not being drowned in it. I refuse to let it swallow me. Everyday I face people who mistake my positive nature for naivety. Yet they are wrong, it is so much bigger than that. I want to rise from the flames, a better person than before.

I am happy, because I choose to be happy. I have known pain and suffering and loss. I have known anger and negativity, and want to no part. These things do nothing but weigh down your soul. These things are part of me, but I will never let them define who I am. We all face challenges, it is about how we overcome them. I want a life that is full of happiness and positivity and love. There already is too much hate in the world. I want to work to make this a better place. Even if it is a small effort, I want to forge a positive path. In following these new paths I have found freedom.

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