The Quiet approach of Fall

Its August now. The Summer is waning, and signs are everywhere. Slowly the days are becoming shorter, though most people try to ignore this. The apples in the local orchard are almost ready. They sit high in the trees, the red blush just starting to show on their surfaces. Even the Oaks and Maples are readying for the coming Fall.  In some trees, there are small splashes of color, a sign the tree has cut the limb off, trying to streamline its food production. It is only weeks now until the Swamp Maples go. Their brilliant reds and oranges signifying the true opening of Fall.

As a native, I have been able to recognize these signs for years. There are tiny subtle things that are often overlooked. Yet every year they come, without fail. There are so many beautiful things this time of year. New England is such a special place to watch the seasons change. It is not a sudden change. It is a slow, drawn out process, but most folks only see the finale.

The End of Fall. Greenfield, NH. Photo By Colleen Ann.
The End of Fall.
Greenfield, NH.
Photo By Colleen Ann.

Yet Summer is not over. Mother Nature continues to produce warm and sunny days. Unlike other Summers, there has only been a handful of rainy days. Humidity hangs in the air as the temperatures continue to rise. The trees are a deep green, and all over the state the wildflowers are in bloom. I have been off work since April, and consider myself incredibly lucky to have such a Summer.

Long Days of Summer. Albany NH. Photo By Colleen Ann.
Long Days of Summer.
Albany NH.
Photo By Colleen Ann.

It has been such an eventful time for us all. Within a few short months my life has entirely changed.  There were moments of discovery and adventure. I know what I want to do with my career too. I discovered the open road, and hope to have more opportunities to travel. Going to Colorado lit a fire within in me.  Yet in the same turn, it renewed my love for New Hampshire. There have been life changes and moments of deep sadness as well. Deep moments of loss. Weeks of muddling through. Yet we have done our best to overcome it. We move on slowly, the ground getting surer under our feet each day.

In Bloom. Lamoine Maine. Photo by Colleen Ann
In Bloom.
Lamoine Maine.
Photo by Colleen Ann

We are getting close to a crossroad. We enjoy Summer, but Fall quietly approaches.

Published by Colleen

My name is Colleen, and I am a writer and photographer from New Hampshire. I love exploring and discovering. I write pieces that focus around the history and landscape of New England, and other things that may come to mind.

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