Pennsylvania was a blur. The state seemed very short, but after the long journey through New York, many things seemed brief. It was around 7pm when we passed the “Pennsylvania Welcomes You” sign. I barely saw it as I was still infatuated with Lake Erie.

Through The Windshield. Photo By Colleen Ann.
Through The Windshield.
Photo By Colleen Ann.

The lake went on forever. Its shimmering surface met the horizon and then branched out as far as I could see to either side. The evening sun cast extra rays upon it, and it humbled me. I had never seen a lake of such size or scope. It glimmered brightly in the evening sun. Staring out at it, I was unsure of what to say. You never truly understand the large nature of things until you see them with your own eyes. Pictures and other people accounts can never do these things justice.

We stopped at a truck stop in Erie for dinner. Right off the highway, it offered a small store, a restaurant and a couple other small amenities. The others grabbed a table as I stepped outside to call my parents. I told them about New York and the lake, and that I had so much more to see. As I sat outside I watched the comings and going of numerous trucks. Some were parking for the night, while others were just briefly stopping.

On The Map. Photo By Colleen Ann.
On The Map.
Photo By Colleen Ann.

One big thing I learned along this trip was about how goods are shipped in this country. I have always known that large tractor trailer have played a major part in this. Yet as I watched them coming and going that night, I began to get a true appreciation for them. We often take for granted the goods and services they bring, never really understanding where it came from. Hundreds of drivers work day and night to ensure that goods are delivered in a timely manner all over this country.

They had grabbed a table inside and we sat down for Dinner. Not really feeling the dinner menu, I ordered Breakfast. It would be a trend across the trip, as I would continue to order breakfast all day as we moved across the country. We had great service, the food was quick, and soon we were back in the car. We continued West as we had all day. The Ohio Border was in sight and with any hope we would make it to Iowa by morning.

I was happy in a wild way. The open road is intoxicating, and the newness fills your heart with an excitement that cannot be explained. We continued West to the Ohio border, and the darkness began to gather around us. The last rays of the sun cast a warm glow on everything around us. Darkness had fallen across the fields, and we kept an eye out for deer as we passed.

Many people hate traveling by car, but I have always loved it. Air travel may be quicker, but you do not get the same view of this country. It was special watching the sun set over the forest and fields on either side of the highway. As the darkness settled in around us I couldn’t help but be thankful. I was so lucky that the winding path of life had brought me here.

(Once again I apologize for the phone pictures!)

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My name is Colleen, and I am a writer and photographer from New Hampshire. I love exploring and discovering. I write pieces that focus around the history and landscape of New England, and other things that may come to mind.

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