The Comming Of Spring

With these warm past few days, it is hard not to turn our thoughts towards Spring. I love winter, yet I am looking forward the transition. The change in season brings us a host of new things. In New Hampshire we have long drawn out Winters. By their end, even Winter enthusiasts are ready for Spring. The frozen world that we thought had no end is melting. The sun shines brighter as we move further from the dark days of January. While Winters chill still hangs in the air, a noticeable change coming. The days are beginning to get longer, and I cannot help look forward to Spring.

If I had my way, I would constantly be outside. Unfortunately right now I do not have that luxury. Yet I am starting to get to the age where I am really beginning to understand the type of life I want to live. It is a life full of simplicity.

Greenfield NH. Photo by Colleen Ann.
Greenfield NH.
Photo by Colleen Ann.

In Spring, days seem to go on forever. Of long walks down the single-lane road to Zephyr Lake. On the far side on the main road, cars rush by barely noticing anything. As they pass by the sound fade until once again it is quiet. Its is this quiet that makes this town what is is. Greenfield is the type of place many people just pass through. Yet that is how it maintains its identity.

Sunset on the lake. Photo by Colleen Ann.
Sunset on the lake.
Photo by Colleen Ann.

As I make my way down to the edge of the lake, I look around, taking it all in. The sun sets around seven, and I am able to watch the sun throws its many colors against the horizon. The reds and oranges are cast across the tops of the pines and the clouds. Even the far reaches of the lake are lit up. The colors continue to change, until the sun finally slips below the horizon. The colors fade away as the twilight grows. The beautiful scene is accompanied by the harmony of the Peepers. The tiny frogs come out in early spring, and at dusk they sing. The ringing song of thousands of amphibians is calming, and each year I look forward to it.

Looking out over Zephr. Photo by Colleen Ann.
Looking out over Zephr.
Photo by Colleen Ann.

These things remind me why I am lucky to be here. The stillness of this small town. The way the Peepers songs causes my eardrums to vibrate. The sunset, and the cold brisk air as I begin my journey home. I need more monuments like these. possessions mean so little to me, that their acquisition seems pointless. We spend so much of our energy in the acquisition of things. We allow ourselves to work more than we should and compromise our happiness. I am striving towards a life where I have the freedom from things. I want to gather experiences. I want a life full of beautiful memories. I want to know that I enjoyed every moment given to me.

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