Winter Moon

iphine 162

Its a dark clear night. The stars shine brightly, and the moon lights up the sky. Yesterday at this time the winds were whipping and snow swirled restlessly through the air. But tonight the world was quiet and calm. The storm that had brought the North East to a crippling standstill had moved on. Once again the we had been left with dark night sky and our quiet silence.

The cold surrounds me pressing into upon my hands as face I made my way inside, my boots creaking against the new snow. It lays in drifts and piles all around me. The winter that had been lacking snow, made up its deficit in one night. Suddenly there were high drifts everywhere, the wind blowing the snow up against cars and houses. A place that had grass poking up yesterday had suddenly turned into a blustery wintry landscape.

We were lucky this time, our temperature stayed low, the snow turned out light and fluffy. The temperatures were no easy though on those you ventured outside. The cold air made my breath catch, and my cheeks burn. Yet as I reach down to brush my coat off the snow came off effortlessly. It moves from here to there whimsically. Once the wind kicks up, one has to bow their head to shield it front sheets of sharp blowing snow and ice.

Yet there is also a beauty, a sharp ruggedness. The lines seem sharper, and the beauty clearer. It is a unique beauty only there for those brave enough to venture outside. I cannot help but look around me and be amazed at the simple sharp beauty of our winters. I grew up here and at a young age I developed a tough skin. I am able to weather the cold, and look around me at the wonders of the winter.

There is only a light breeze tonight. It is a shadow of last nights fury. The sun sets slowing, tossing vivid reds across the darkening sky. The colors linger, changing slowly into oranges and pale yellows. They quietly melt into midnight blue skies, covered in stars. A half moon sits high in the dark blue sky, its half size sharp in the middle of the night sky.

A half moon sits tall in the dark blue surrounded by thousands of pale white stars. The sky is clear, and the moon is at sharp contrast against the dark blue sky. In winter it has always seemed to me that the sky is at its best. The sunsets are so vivid. Their sharp oranges and reds only fading away slowly. New Hampshire is a place of so many beautiful scenes, and winter is no different. The only difference is that you have to go looking for it.

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