The Blue Pool


It is Winter, and snow falls around us as we make our way back to the parking lot. We have made our way on snowshoes around The Basin. We slowly made our way out, with me trailing behind. I find it hard to leave places like this. I love going into nature, and it is incredibly hard for me to leave. There is always more to see. It is why I linger into the woods, its where I am the happiest. On this day, my boyfriend walks ahead. I look around taking it all in. The woods are silent and I surrounded by the inner peace that eludes me mid week. Stopping, I pause beside the river.

It is a wide open spot near the snowmobile trail. Here the water has managed to stay open in a wide pool. I find myself drawn to it, yet I am careful as I approach. Falling into this water can turn a fun day into an terrible one. There is something different about this pool, and as I draw closer.

In the center of the churning water is a wide spot of deep blue. Growing up around these rivers, I am accustomed to the deep brown of unsettled water. I am used to the clear calm water where you can see all the way to the rocky bottom. Yet this is different. The spot is a bright blue that sits to the top left hand corner. It is a beautiful splash of color on this pale winter day. I sit there and taking it in before turning back to the trail and joining my Boyfriend.

This is why I continue to come, because there is always something different. There is always something unique here. To me nature has her own little surprises, and I love going out to find them.

Published by Colleen

My name is Colleen, and I am a writer and photographer from New Hampshire. I love exploring and discovering. I write pieces that focus around the history and landscape of New England, and other things that may come to mind.

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